Helping startups boost diversity & craft cultures that thrive | SHYFTco | Helping startups boost diversity & craft cultures that thrive | SHYFTco
Great culture doesn't happen by accident. We help innovative companies & startups to craft their culture for improved diversity, engagement & retention.
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At SHYFTco we are passionate about crafting culture to build stronger companies.


We focus on startups because these fast-growing, innovative companies offer a unique opportunity to shift the cultural dynamic early…and have incredible, far-reaching impacts. 


When you baking-in diversity, you take hold of a killer competitive edge and a LOT of good.  Our partners are leaders who embrace diversity as a secret (and necessary) ingredient to a thriving business.


After all, who doesn’t want to attract and retain the best talent, unlock creativity, build better products, enjoy an open and vibrant culture, and improve their bottom line?  No one – That’s who.  


Diversity is powerful…and its results are down-right delicious.

A Tasty Competitive Edge

Curious about the impacts of diversity?

Here are just a few of MANY stats highlighting how crazy-valuable diversity of perspective is in business.

Tech Co’s


higher ROI

Diverse Sales


Higher Profits

High % Female


higher EBIT

What We Do

Every company is different. We work with each of our partners to identify key areas of impact and develop a plan of action that enhances the core values and goals of your business.

Diversity Assessments

Analysis of your company's current culture & diversity metrics

Unconscious Bias

Uncover the unintended bias that can hinder great teams.

On-site Environment

Attract and retain talent with better office environments.

Your Shift Strategy

Design strategies & systems to improve culture, increase hiring diversity & rampup retention

Workshops & Trainings

Group sessions designed to meet your company where you are & help you shift the needle

Consulting Services

Ongoing support and guidance in diversity & culture crafting

See NCWIT’s 2015 infographic on Women In Tech.  


The reason we invest in women & minorities is because we believe other investors are being foolish…They are undervalued assets.

– Dave McClure 500 Startups

The Diversity Chef

Mandaline Godown

Mandy has a background in startups, community building, and branding. Her transition to diversity work was the natural (if unintended) result of years in the startup & tech scene. She has always found inefficiency, bad culture, & bias completely unpalatable. 


A full-ride web development scholarship shifted her world and entire trajectory. From there, she launched Be Bold Studio and cofounded the tech startup CTRL+Console.


For 5 years she’s worked to elevate women in digital & entrepreneurship. Along with diversity & culture coaching, she spoke at The White House on the need for female leadership in digital, co-organizes SheSays Boulder (a network of 1,100+ women in digital), launched & is Colorado CoDirector for The Vinetta Project (which is becoming the pipeline for North American female tech founders). Mandaline has shifted into a total business culture junky –fortunately, there is no cure.


Mandy was interviewed on the Standing Out podcast about her path to entrepreneurship & diversity work.

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